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COVID-19 Return to Work Program

A Streamlined Testing Program

Inform. Prepare. Control. A baseline testing and risk assessment survey is used customize your testing program. Daily symptom tracking and targeted testing of employees is used to ensure a safe, controlled workplace.

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    MEENTA has developed the COVID-19 MEENTA Fact Sheet that contains up-to-date relevant information about the SARS-CoV-2 epidemiology, screening and surveillance protocols, test interpretation, as well as CDC & government guidelines.

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    Before returning to work, all employees will be tested for active infection and fill out a risk assessment survey. Employees with active infection or potential exposure will consult a clinician or quarantine, and the rest return to work to enter the Control protocol.

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    Once at work, all employees will use an app to record their symptoms, testing data, and return-to-work status via a QR code. A targeted fraction of employees will be tested for viral infection, and the employer can monitor population-level statistics on their HIPAA-compliant dashboard.

A Data-Driven Testing Model

Current testing recommendations are ad hoc and not based on real employer-level risk data. Data-driven testing means that you test only a fraction of your employees with the same benefits as if you tested everyone, meaning you're testing at a fraction of the effort and cost.

  • Baseline Risk Assessment

    All employees will undergo viral and antibody testing for COVID-19 and fill out a baseline risk assessment survey. This will be used to create a company-wide risk profile for COVID-19.

  • Risk-Assessment Protocol

    Data from the baseline risk assessment will be used to determine who is safe to return to work and to customize your testing protocol to keep your employees safe at a fraction of the cost.

Strategy Comparison

  • Symptom Checking Only Model

    Standard Strategy

    A symptom-only strategy creates risk with asymptomatic employees going undetected.

    These employees return to work and infections can quickly spread.

  • Meenta Data-Driven Testing Model

    Meenta Strategy

    We combine symptom tracking and testing to detect asymptomatic employees through Baseline Risk Assessment followed by a Predictive Model.

    This model tests only a fraction of employees, both lowering costs and keeping the risk of infection to a minimum.

Cost Comparison

  • High Cost of Standard Testing Model

    Standard Cost

    A 100-employee company would need to test all its employees under the standard model.

    Weekly tests = 100 tests/week

    Yearly tests = 5200 tests/year

    5200 tests x $150/employee

  • Reduced Costs of Meenta Model

    Meenta Cost

    Our model reduces the number of tests yet provides the same benefits as if everyone were tested.

    Weekly tests = 10 tests/week

    Yearly tests = 520 tests/year

    520 tests x $150/employee


A Distributed Testing Platform

Symptom Tracking


A stand-alone, HIPAA-compliant, symptom checking app, enabled with a QR code to determine who is safe to enter your office.

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  • Employer Dashboard

    Employer Dashboard

    Monitor the real-time status and incident reporting of every employee at all of your work sites in a HIPAA-complaint portal that keeps the employee testing reports private.

  • Simple Testing Process

    A Distributed Testing Platform Combined With A Simple Testing Process

    Meenta contracts with many FDA and EUA certified clinical labs so you never have to worry about testing capacity or access to sample collection kits. When you order Meenta-in-a-Box we reserve laboratory capacity with our labs to ensure you get a rapid turnaround time for your tests.

Testing Process Schema

Testing Process

Behind the scenes, Meenta coordinates and oversees each step of the testing process, from lab coordination to test results.



A single box that includes everything you need to implement a safe testing program is delivered right to your office.

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Package Options

Tiered modular plans for symptom tracking and testing

Symptom Driven

QR Code

Flagged Follow Up

Viral Test Upload

COVID-19 Passport

Single Site

Surrogate Option for Employee

Contact Tracing for Employee

Live Dashboard

Incident Report


Geographic Location, Multi-site

Symptom & Data driven

Baseline Testing

Disease Control Testing

Free Plan

for Individual or Corporate Use (First 50 employees)

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Symptom App

Basic Plan

per employee
Everything from the Free Plan plus:

Advanced* Plan

per employee + testing
Everything from the Free Plan plus:

Testing as a Service (TaaS)

Baseline Risk Assessment Testing

For employers implementing the Data-driven Testing Model, we measure the employer's workplace and worktype risk levels. We do this by testing every returning employee one time for both active infections (viral) and past exposure (antibodies).

One Antibody Test
One Viral Test
Combined Tests

Additional Options

Individual Testing:

Employers who use our Data-driven Testing Model will pay for one viral test per employee on a weekly basis. A single viral test will be performed for each employee that is selected for random testing during the Disease Control phase of the testing protocol. Employers ordering a la cart testing will pay the same price, but you will decide who gets tested and when.

Viral Test
Antibody Test

Includes the test, the sample collection kit, on-line test scheduling, medical oversight, on-site supervised sample collection all in a HIPAA compliant portal

MeentaSafe™ App


Daily symptom checking with QR code

Telehealth Nurse Texting


Text with a nurse before and after testing. Get a reply within 10 seconds.

*Testing costs is not included

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