Reopen Safely:

Your employees want to work. You want them safe.

Creating a safe workplace COVID-19 testing program is complex. We make it easy by putting everything you need into one box that arrives at your office.


You need a trusted partner who removes that complexity and takes ownership of your testing.

With Meenta, your employees can get back to work.

  • Back to Work Faster

    Back to Work Faster

    A Three-Part Program

    Inform, Prepare, Control (IPC): Inform your employees what COVID-19 is. Prepare employees to return to work with our baseline testing. Control infection spread afterward with random testing.

  • Back to Work Safer

    Back to Work Safer

    Data Driven Testing Model

    Baseline COVID-19 testing, in combination with a risk assessment survey, is used to customize the amount and timing of your testing program.

  • Back to Work Easier

    Back to Work Easier

    Distributed Testing Platform

    Never worry about accessing testing again with a single online platform that aggregates testing capacity and test collection kits across many clinical laboratories.


A stand-alone, HIPAA-compliant, symptom checking app, enabled with a QR code to determine who is safe to enter your office.


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A single box that includes everything you need to implement a safe testing program is delivered right to your office.

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Why Choose Meenta

  • 500K+

    Tests available weekly

  • 100

    FDA Approved Labs

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    Available in all 50 states

We partner with leading clinical labs

  • Avellino
  • BioReference Laboratories
  • MicroGen
  • Perkin Elmer
  • Poplar Healthcare

Your employees want to work.

You want them safe.

Learn how Meenta’s platform makes COVID‑19 - testing simple for employers.